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Hiking and Nordic walking in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage area - active holidays

The Seiser Alm in the Schlern region offers countless hiking trails and via ferrata routes through the legendary mountains of South Tyrol - summertime delight in the Dolomites

The Seiser Alm is fantastic for hikers. The unique landscape is a perfect match for the needs of hikers. 450 km of marked hiking trails pass through the Dolomites, which has been a UNESCO World Natural Heritage area since 2009. Are you a leisure hiker or do you love challenging hikes to the summits? There is something for everyone here, including themed hikes for families, as well as leisurely routes from hut to hut and demanding summit trails. Every route begins directly outside our front door and on request you can be accompanied by a mountain guide.
Puflatsch - Hexensessel (Witches' Seat)
From the Goldknopf via Panorama-Hütte to Compatsch. From there the route heads towards the Eurotel along the hiking trail on the Puflatsch to the mountain station of the chairlift, where a grassland hiking trail leads around the Puflatsch.
time 7 hours
level No difficult climbs
level Arnikahütte, Puflatschhütte, chairlift mountain station

Behind the Mahlknechthütte, a trail leads to Seiser Alm-Haus Dialer. At the fork in the track, take route no. 7 towards the Plattkofelhütte. Turn left onto the gravel track towards Zallinger or Murmeltierhütte.
Return via track no. 7 below the Schneiden. Continue following the signposts to the Mahlknechthütte.
time 5 hours
level Easy
level Plattkofelhütte, Murmeltierhütte, Zallinger
Durontal Valley - Friedrich August Weg trail
Take the hiking trail to Seiser Alm-Haus Dialer. Here a road heads left to the Mahlknechtjoch col. Behind the fence, a hiking trail and the old road into the Durontal valley lead to the Micheluzzihütte, from where the route continues to Campitello. From the village, the cable car runs directly to the Col Rodella. At the Friedrich August Hütte, the famous Friedrich August hiking trail to the Plattkofelhütte begins along the Schneid back to Seiser Alm-Haus Dialer.

8-9 hours, 22 km

level Easy
level Seiser Alm-Haus Dialer, Micheluzzi-Hütte, Campitello, Friedrich August Hütte,...
Seiser Alm Circular Trail
Follow the road to the Almgasthof Tirler mountain inn and from there continue to Saltria. At Pension Brunelle follow hiking trail no. 9 to Hotel Sonne and the St. Ulrich cable car station. Then continue along hiking trail no. 6 to Hotel Icaro, the Ritsch-Schwaige and then towards Panorama. There follow the signposts back to the Mahlknechthütte.
time 5-6 hours
level Easy
level Schgaguler-Schwaige, Icaro, Ritsch,...
North Side of the Seiser Alm
Via the Goldknopf to the Laurinhütte and then continue along the Saltner-Schwaige in the Tschapid to the Schlernbodenhütte. From there return to the Prossliner-Schwaige on the Spitzbühl, back to the Laurinhütte and then back to the Mahlknechthütte.
time 5 hours
level Easy
level At every hut
Monte Pana
Hike to the Plattkofelhütte, continue on to Murmeltierhütte and then across the large meadow to Monte Pana. The return route follows the forest road to Saltria. After a stop for a break and a snack at the Saltnerhütte in Saltria, the hike continues to the Almgasthof Tirler mountain inn and back to the Mahlknechthütte.
time 7 hours
level Easy
level At every hut
Tierser alpl
Behind the Mahlknechthütte take the hiking trail to Seiser Alm-Haus Dialer. From there a gravel track leads off to the right directly to the Tierser Alpl Hütte. On the return journey follow the Rosszahnscharte to the Goldknopf, and from there back to the Mahlknechthütte.
time 5 hours
level Demanding
level Tierser Alpl, Goldknopf, Seiseralm - Haus Dialer
Schlern Houses
The simplest route is via the Seiser Alm towards the Goldknopf, the Laurinhütte and from there to the Saltner-Schwaige in Tschapit. From there follow the tourist path to the Schlern Houses. If you have enough time, then you can continue on to the Burgstall and enjoy the wonderful view of the Santnerspitze and the lovely Schlern plateau. On the return journey take hiking trail 3-4 to the Roterdspitze towards Tierser Alpl, from there to Seiser Alm-Haus Dialer and then to the Mahlknechthütte.
time 8-9 hours
level Demanding
level Saltnerhütte, Schlern Houses, Tierser Alpl, Seiseralm-Haus Dialer
Around the Langkofel and Plattkofel summits
Behind the Mahlknechthütte head towards Seiser Alm - Haus Dialer and then take hiking trail no. 7 to the Zallinger, or head via the Schneid to the Plattkofelhütte. (Alternative: walk to the Florian chairlift station in Saltria and take the lift up the mountain). From there continue to the Langkofelhütte, then from there follow hiking trail no. 526a to the Comici Hütte onto the Sella Joch pass and then follow the Friedrich August Weg trail back to the Mahlknechthütte.
time 10 hours
level Demanding
level Langkofelhütte, Comici Hütte, Sella Joch, Friedrich August Hütte,...
Antermoia Circular Hike
To the Tierser Alpl, from there head left to the Molignon Pass (also access to the Laurenzi via ferrata route), from there descend back to the Principe-Hütte. (Grasleiten Pass Hütte). After a short break you can conquer the Kesselkogel (easy via ferrata route) or hike round it on hiking trail no. 584 over the Antermoia Pass and then walk down to Lake Antermoia. From there head downhill into the Durontal valley. Hiking trail no. 555 has become overgrown; we recommend that you take trail no. 578. From Seiser Alm - Haus Dialer head back to the Mahlknechthütte.
time 8 hours
level Demanding
level Tierser-Alpl, Principe-Hütte, Antermoia-Haus, Seiser Alm-Haus Dialer
To the Tierser Alpl and from there continue to the Molignon Pass. From there descend to the Grasleitenhütte. After a rest take the steep climb through the Bärenloch back to the Tierser Alpl. From there either cross the gap or go along the ordinary path back to the Mahlknechthütte.
time 6 hours
level Very demanding
level Tierser Alpl, Grasleiten Hütte, Seiser Alm-Haus Dialer
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