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History of the origins of OUR alpine refuge in South Tyrol - 100 years of history

The Mahlknechthütte was registered as a refuge hut in the Seiser Alm hiking area as long ago as the beginning of the twentieth century under the name Mahlknecht-Schwaige

The refuge is part of a long tradition that dates back to 1902. In 1935, the first owner of the Mahlknecht-Schwaige to be mentioned in the records by name was a butcher, Knoll from Bolzano. Even in those days he recognised the importance to tourism of the Seiser Alm and, after a fire, made sure that the refuge was rebuilt. During the fascist period, the refuge's name was officially changed to the Italian "Rifugio Molignon" (Molignon House). In 1942 Josef Kompatscher - the builder of the Zimmerlehnerhof from Völs - acquired the farm and hostel business and re-let it. In 1965, Oswald Aichner purchased the Molignon House and decided, in 1984, to completely demolish the building, constructing a new refuge in line with the floor plan still in place today. On 23 November 1993, my father, Josef Mahlknecht, acquired what was then still known as the Molignon House, and since then the hut has been known as the Mahlknechthütte. I have lived here with my children since 2001 and get a great deal of pleasure from running the hostel. A lot of renovation work was necessary to make the Mahlknechthütte into a comfortable refuge. In 2007, we felt it was high time the building was extended and improved. Our guests very much appreciate the addition of a lounge, sauna and garage. As part of this renovation work, the existing kitchen was enlarged and the Family, Plattkofel and Langkofel rooms were built. In 2009 we renovated all of the double rooms, and in 2014 the bathrooms were improved.
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